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Library information:

Each class attends library lessons once a week. Library lessons focus on literature appreciation and developing information and research skills. Students are also encouraged to borrow books from the library during their lesson.

Mrs Bates (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Veugen  (Thursday - Friday) are our Teacher Librarians.


Borrowing books:

Students can borrow:

  • 1 book at a time in K- Year 2
  • 2 books at a time in Years 3-4
  • 3 books in Years 5-6

Students need to bring a library bag for borrowing and returning books.


Library timetable:

Mondays - KD, 2S and 4/5S

  • Tuesdays – 1B, 1T, and 3T
  • Wednesdays – KH, 1B and 1/2B
  • Thursdays – KT, 3/4M, 5G and 6K
  • Fridays – 4C and 6E


Lunchtimes in the Library:

The Library is open:

  • before school from 8:50am for borrowing/ returning of books
  • 1st lunch - after the bell at the end of eating time


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(Updated 24/5/17)